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Hebron Pentecostal Fellowship is a gathering of believers whose purpose is to know God through a personal relationship with Jesus by the power of The Holy Spirit. We desire to equip believers through discipleship via the various ministries of our church. At Hebron Pentecostal Fellowship we believe in the power of the Holy Spirit that progressively transforms us to become more like Jesus. We continue to build our vertical relationship with God and our horizontal relationship with man by following the command of Jesus in the Great Commission. We strive to reach a hungry world with The Gospel of Jesus Christ and His love. Our mission is to bring God’s healing love to hurting people to bring the joy of being a Christian to a sad world, to bring wisdom and knowledge to an unaware world, to bring good news to the poor, to bind up the broken hearted, to set the captives free, to preach peace, as Jesus did.

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HPF Kids is our ministry to from birth to 10 years old. This ministry is directed towards aiding the children in learning about God and His love for them while simultaneously creating a nurturing and fun environment. This ministry aims to raise up a generation of children that are faithful disciples of God.
The HPF Worship team strives to bring God’s people to worship. Worship is an important part of our relationship with God. Time spent in Worship builds our relationship with God. Thus, the Worship goes to great lengths to create an environment where this time can be utilized.
HPF Adult ministry is mainly for those that are married and have families or is getting towards that stage in life. This ministry strives to build up strong individuals who love God and those around them. The goal of this ministry is to gather souls for Christ and spread God’s love in this broken world around us.
HPF Young Adult ministry is geared toward the youth of our community. Being as that this age group is very susceptible and exposed to the world, this ministry aims to aid future generations in paving a path toward a lifetime of chasing God’s love. Our ministry strives to equip our youth to serve Christ and pour of His love in to the community around them.

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